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About Bobcat

Music Roots

DJ Bobcat grew up loving music. Whether he was raiding his dads music collection, or going to hundreds of concerts (often with his father), DJ Bobcat quickly learned he had a passion for sound.  He was raised on a foundation of The Beatles, Classic Rock, and 80 & 90s Rock.  His dad had a side hustle DJing parties and would often bribe his son to help him.  “If you help me with this gig, I will give you $200… but you have to promise to spend it at the record store and help expand our collection!”  Like a kid in a candy store, of course he wanted it all.  

When DJ Bobcat went away to college, he spread his wings and expanded his musical horizons. Reggae, Bluegrass, Jazz, Blues, Jam Bands; you name it, he was burning it onto CD-R!  After DJing at his college radio station for a few years, DJ Bobcat became an intern at 100.1 WDST radio in Woodstock, NY, aka Radio Woodstock.  He not only helped put on events, but got his first taste of FM radio, often doing overnights and the Saturday night request show.  He also DJ’ed a few parties through his 20’s.  

After he moved to Central NY to help a friend start a vegetable farm business, he decided to get back into the DJing biz part time.  First as a trivia host for DJ trivia, and then back on FM radio at 96.7 The Vine, in Ithaca.  Soon after, he started hosting his own trivia games at various establishments in the Cortland area.  Around this time, he also started his band, The Local Farmers Union,  a “veggie folk rock” band, featuring a rotating cast of characters, playing both covers and original songs. 

13 years later, the farm now employees over 60 people!  This has freed up DJ Bobcat to once again focus on his passion for music.  He currently hosts a weekly Trivia Night at Summerhill Brewing, most Thursday nights. In addition to playing with his band, he also plays children’s music as “Mister Bobcat”. After a good friend asked him to fill in for him, to DJ a wedding gig a few summers ago, DJ Bobcat remembered how much he loves playing music for people. 

For his day job, Bobcat runs the CSA and manages the farmers markets for his farm, so he knows the importance of customer service. He may not be the most experienced or polished DJ out there, but with his stellar musical knowledge and diverse experience, he is sure to provide excellent value to your next event!